Our story was created by 11 year-old Ella Johnson Lopez and is called “Story Elf.” Ella created a magical world where the main character, Tina, helps her new friend Story Elf defeat monsters in the land of Story Elf villages. The entire story is experienced with a Google Cardboard. The beginning of the story begins with a short visual intro where Tina has to return to her high school locker to retrieve her homework.
Once she opens her locker she sees a Story Elf and a Monster fighting on top of her books. The Story Elf then asks Tina to embark on an adventure to defeat the Monsters and help save the Story Elf villages. Together they travel to a magical Story Elf village and the viewer begins to experience the story in first person as Tina. The Google Cardboard then transforms from a storytelling experience into an interactive story where the viewer can defeat each monster one by one.
Once the monsters are defeated Tina returns to the real world where the Story Elf revisits her years later and demonstrates the value of true friendship and adventure.


Kris Li

Sisi Ma

Jeana Chesnik

Ella Johnson Gomez

VR Glimpse of the Game:

Download the Game Here!