As 360 experiences overwhelm our media sphere, we know that the rules for creating these media on flat screens are no longer valid. What does it mean for an experience or story to be immersive? How can we craft narratives that emerge from the dynamics of interaction? This site introduces concepts of immersive storytelling, serving as a companion to the undergraduate lecture class taught by Anezka Sebek at Parsons School of Design.

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Oyster Reef Experience

Oyster VR

Created for the Verizon 5G challenge, this VR and web experience teaches students about Oyster Reef restoration. Developed in spring 2019, the experience uses 3D models and environments in virtual space as a tool to learn about pollution and oyster reef restoration in the Hudson River Bay.

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Syllabi, archived projects, and other information for the Immersive Storytelling university lecture.


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