Final Ideation Session!! Wow!

As a teacher, a class like this is formed through years of practice of what works and doesn’t. There are flaws in the process of ideating together in a short amount of time. One thing that happens is that everyone becomes very excited and talkative through the process. The end of the class was a bit messy but we achieved our aims. OK–they are still going to go through quite a bit of:

  1. Research for inspiration and accurate information
  2. Creative exploration so that we can arrive at playable and fun experiences.
  3. Aesthetic development of the look and feel for each project
  4. A common thread that will tie the entire arc of the stories together. What does a farmer (Greener Grass) who at first fouls the river with his farm chemicals have to do with a game about Trash Trivia? Or how can we tie the Ocean Odyssey to the Polluters and Protectors?  We have to all think hard on this and come up with entertaining and educational answers.

    We also have to settle on final venues so that we can organize the kind of production that each experience needs.  In two weeks, we should have answers…

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