Vladan Nikolic

Vladan Nikolic (Moderator)
Associate Professor of Media Studies

Vladan Nikolic is Associate Professor of Media Studies at The New School, and an award-winning filmmaker and producer, who has written, directed and produced feature films, documentaries and multi-platform media projects.

Vladan was among the digital filmmaking pioneers in the 1990’s, and in 2010 produced and directed one of the first transmedia films, Zenith, which combined story extensions and releases over multiple media platforms. He has consulted, lectured and led workshops and seminars on immersive media and cross-media storytelling at various universities and professional institutions in the US and internationally; he has recently guided and facilitated the establishment of the first transmedia program in Asia at the Hong Kong Design Institute. His book Independent Filmmaking and Digital Convergence: Transmedia and Beyond has been published in December 2016 by Routledge/Focal Press.