In this iteration of our exploration of Educational Technology and Design Thinking, we focus on how learning works by looking at systems that create pollution and disrupted environments in the Hudson River. We work with the Baykeeper of New York and New Jersey to learn about different kinds of pollution and ways to remediate problems. We practice effective communication and collaboration skills and our generative thinking abilities about the ill-structured problems of citizen science and community activism.


Educational Technology and Design Thinking at Parsons School of Design and Learning Community Charter School.

Learning Community Charter School, Jersey City, New Jersey
Principal: Colin Hogan
Earth Day After School Teacher: Kimberley Smith
LCCS Technology Assistant: Kristiana Marcon

Parsons School of Design, The New School University, New York

Collaborating Faculty:
Tammy Walters, Adjunct Professor
Anezka Sebek, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Media Design
Research Assistants:
Julie Byers, web interface and design, research, teaching assistant
Surahbi Naik, documentary film camera/editing/sound.

Katherine Boehm, technology teacher, animator
Paolo Villanueva, 3d modeler and animator

Special Thanks to Maya Georgieva, Director of Digital Learning, XReality Center

Baykeeper of New York and New Jersey

Greg Remaud , Chief Executive Officer and Baykeeper
Allison M. Fitzgerald, NY Oyster Program Coordinator
Meredith Comi, Restoration Program Director


Bolor Amgalan
Jessica Dantas
Gingerale Geng
Harry Gomez Moron Castro
Qiyao Lin
Raquel Reynolds
Fuad Soudah
Olivia Yan


Greener Grass:
Esme Carson
Sophia Donath
Milo Ferrara
Aidan Harwood
Jack Malaby

Trash Trivia:
Pearl Chen
Veer Lad
Jeet Lad
Iba Mangassa
Alish McGrath
Richard Paget
Kamali Smith

Polluters vs. Protectors

Evan Henning
Owen Meagher

Ocean Odyssey

Carla Biot
Ella Johnson Lopez
Charlotte Loughlin
Marielle Noboa
Elena Sherrard
Laila Smith