Using Unity, we have created an interactive visual representation of the effect that Pi has on geometry. The player will have control over a simple set of variables in an equation that makes a simple polygon (a = 2*PI/N) or a more complex geometry (y = cos(x1*a) * sin(x2*a)). As the player changes the variables, they will see the equation as well as a projected visual representation of the equation change in real time. Based on the variables they change, the equation will morph into different shapes and different colors. Going forward, our morphing shape(s) can take on any narrative characteristics that the kids come up with.

Application of PI through code, math and colors

Change colors on the geometries [2D or 3D] by changing numbers in the equations. The colors are generated through code using glsl shaders.

Interaction Scenario

Using a controller, kids can change variables in several equations:

●   y = cos(x1*a) * sin(x2*a)          (a = angle)

●   Regular Polygon
a = 2*PI/N        (N = Number of sides)
f = r*cos(a)+r*sin(a)

The equations and visuals can be projected on the wall, showing it change in real time.


Our last showing was with our collaborator LCCS in their own gymnasium. Thank you once again for those who set up the dome the day before and for José DeJesús for providing the plans and materials to build the dome. We’ve updated the visual experience by combining two screens into one with the help of the triplehead and practicing on a miniature dome.