Run Pi-Ly Run

Run Pi-Ly Run is a Virtual Reality Game, designed to teach kids the concept of Pi. Based on the story created by the students at LCCS, the game revolves around the circle city. The main character Pi-Ly wants to save the circle city from the square attack which has been hatched by Mayor McSquare and…

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Pi Labyrinth is an interactive virtual reality game built for the Google Cardboard. The game was created to teach children of ages 6-12 about the meaning and beauty of the mathematical constant, Pi, through an immersive and fun experience. The idea was to use the technologies available in the present to invent new and more…

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Using Unity, we have created an interactive visual representation of the effect that Pi has on geometry. The player will have control over a simple set of variables in an equation that makes a simple polygon (a = 2*PI/N) or a more complex geometry (y = cos(x1*a) * sin(x2*a)). As the player changes the variables, they will see the…

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Bear Story

“What if No One Thought of Pi” is an illustrated motion graphics piece and children’s book that explores the beauty of pi and how our understanding of the universe revolves around pi. It follows a little bear’s imagination of a world that might exist if no one had thought of pi. What if no one…

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Board Game

A printable board game to help Pi-Ly and the bunch  get to the other side of Circle City using arithmetic and geometry. Circle City Game Rules Circle City Printing Instructions

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