Pi Labyrinth is an interactive virtual reality game built for the Google Cardboard. The game was created to teach children of ages 6-12 about the meaning and beauty of the mathematical constant, Pi, through an immersive and fun experience. The idea was to use the technologies available in the present to invent new and more effective ways of learning which go beyond the confines of a classroom.

The game contains a labyrinth made of the first nine digits of Pi. The user has to traverse this labyrinth and collect as many coins as possible on his way. He does so by moving his head which, in turn, moves the gaze point of the Google Cardboard. He must be careful of staying within the paths carved out in the shape of the Pi digits and not go beyond. If he does, a loud siren noise plays to warn him. A timer, at the side, keeps track of the number of seconds left to get out of the labyrinth. The number of coins collected and the time spent within the path determines the level of Pi power attained.


Glimpse of the VR Experience



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