Thank You!

The New School’s support from Tim Marshall, our Provost and Anne Gaines, the Parsons Dean of Art Media and Technology (AMT) were invaluable.

Partnerships that made the event possible were The New School Nth Degree Lecture Series, Jessica Hejtmanek, for live streaming, social media and publicity; and NYC Media Lab, Justin Hendrix and Alexis Avedisian, for bringing in the demonstrations of creative work plus networking with the community as well as contributing to the food. 

The Immersive Storytelling Symposium is a Parsons Cross-School funded event that was conceived and organized by Anezka Sebek. Her efforts would not have been realized were it not for the contributions from Kyle Li, who organized the demonstrations and works on display. The Cross-School fund original collaborators were Jessica Irish (AMT), Greg Climer (Fashion), Nick Fortugno (AMT), and Jane Pirone(School of Design Strategies). 

Thanks to the AV team, Mark Fitzpatrick and company. 

The team of people who made the show happen were: 

David Sakover, AMT Program Administrator

Erica Kermani, Lead Coordinator 

Kabeer, Media Coordinator

Web Design and Updates: Remina Greenfield and Kabeer

Initial Coordination: Zahra Sadjadi 

Stage Manager: Sydney Adams 

Registration Coordination: Kris (Qiaochu) Li 

Demo Coordination: Jim Pinkenberg

Panelist Wrangler: Aaron Lee 

#st_ne Symposium Word Game: Cat Schmitz and Pat King


Jeana Chesnik

Andrew Cotter

Jiyeon Kang

Tuba Ozkan

Leyla Novini

Dian Rachmawati

Vishaal Ravikumar

Jed Segovia

Liang Shi

Danielle Sobel

Leah Takele

David Utt

La Tricia Watford

PengPeng Yu