In Spring 2017,

The Parsons School of Design students worked hard to deliver immersive educational play experiences for the Learning Community Charter School After School VR Storytelling Program, 5th through 8th graders. This VR Storytelling collaboration resulted in seven original stories. Mentoring and teaching the LCCS students the elements of story, game design, and game mechanics, the Parsons students transformed the LCCS students’ budding ideas into fully-realized animations, Google and VIVE VR cardboard games, and PC games. The games were showcased at Parsons Playtech 2017, and an LCCS Playtech with guest critics and  LCCS students.

Over the course of the semester, the LCCS students learned to engage and collaborate with graduate students to produce creative technology projects. The middle schoolers saw their ideas transformed into games and projects.

In our second iteration of this studio we have pushed seven projects to bounds not previously explored, and we will continue to develop this Collaboration Studio to evolve the mission of STEAM-centered (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) collaboration between LCCS middle school students and Parsons graduate students.

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Working at LCCS

Team Dog’s Dream


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Weeping Melody Pre-visualization

Team Story Elves Playtest


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Testing Keystone: City of Portals

Getting advice from Katherine


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AJ Cyborg Playtest

Katie and Nan from Weeping Melody


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Anezka doing VR Testing

Goocreate Platform Testing


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Parsons Playtech


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Parsons Playtech





VR Storytelling Collaboration Studio 2017, a collaboration between Parsons MFA DT and Learning Community Charter School

Learning Community Charter School, New Jersey 

Principal: Colin Hogan
Think Tank Special Projects Coordinator: Charlotte Kreutz
After School Teachers: Katherine Boehm and Udit Mahajan
Parsons School of Design, The New School University, New York
Tammy Walters and Anezka Sebek, Ph. D Collaboration Studio Faculty
Technical Faculty: Kyle(Kan-Yang) Li

PARSONS MFA DT Graduate and LCCS Elementary Students

Weeping Melody Team:  Sydney Adams, Nan Huang, and Katie Isikoff

AJ Cyborg Team:  Kabeer, Zon Zhang, Ashlee Woo, and Aidan Harwood

Keystone: City of Portals Team: Taeyeon Kim, Ren Du, Milo Ferrara, and Beckett Johnson-Walters

A Dog’s Dream Team:  Yiqi Sun, JunYao Liu, Ying Jiang, and Lucas Bell

Ugly King Team:  Jae kyong Cheong, Yiying Xiao, Chengcheng Xiang, and Timothy

Story Elves Team:  Kris Li, Sisi Ma, Jeana Chesnik, and Ella Johnson Gomez

Killer Ghost and Clown Team: Shuang Cao, Qinwen Xing, and Tommy

Site Producers:  Kabeer and Sydney Adams

Documentary Team:  Kabeer and Ren Du

Web Design: Sydney Adams

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