At the heart of our project are teaching and learning design thinking skills to produce interactive and generative experiences with emerging visual, audio technologies such as Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality. The students focused on how learning works by designing and testing educational technologies ranging from service design to emerging computer-based technologies. At the same time, we exercised our communication skills and our generative thinking abilities about the ill-structured problems of citizen science and community activism. Our topic of study this semester is storm effluent and pollution clean-up efforts of The Hudson River.


Educational Technology and Design Thinking at Parsons School of Design and Learning Community Charter School.

Learning Community Charter School, Jersey City, New Jersey
Principal: Colin Hogan
Teachers: Stephanie McNiel (Code), Michael Diamond (Science and Math)

Parsons School of Design, The New School University, New York
Tammy Walters
Anezka Sebek, Ph.D.

Baykeeper of New York and New Jersey

Sandra Meola, Policy and Communications Director


Parsons: Kristiana Marcon
LCCS: Milo Ferrara, Beckett Johnson Walters

Parsons: Griffin Keller, Chris Stuart, Kristiana Marcon
LCCS: Matthew Diaz, Xavier Cherry, Anjilena Osoneneko, Esme Carson, Gabby Cabarcos, Milo Ferrara, Sophia Villaluz

John the Vegan
Parsons: Andres Domit Del Valle
LCCS: Xavier Flores, Aidan Harwood, Christian Montano, Jeet Lad, Veer Lad, Mohamed Timoney

Trash Soccer
Parsons: Joya Widney
LCCS: Luke Piscatelli, Jacob Acuna, Myra Vilomar, Sean Brandon, Necho Estiler, Mohamed Timoney, Ron Foushee, Annjonette Balbutin (AJ), Chance Bellardino, Mai Hill, Ranesha Fitzgerald, Beckett Johnson Walters

Parsons: Ivy Cheng

Class Overview and Reflection
Parsons: Angela Ashmen

Documentary: Mary Claire Grube
Website: Julie Byers

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