Parsons: Angela Ashmen


A scavenger hunt for secret agents to follow clues that solve the mystery of how plastic and trash in the ocean can kill seabirds like the Albatross.

Parsons: Kristiana Marcon
LCCS: Milo Ferrara, Beckett Johnson Walters


An interactive 360 surround projection in a dome that tells the disturbing story of acid-sensitive hydrangeas and their visible color change when soil is acidified. It serves as a metaphor for how human-made carbon emissions cause acidification of the environment and the oceans. Three large buttons made it possible for kids to interactively punch carbon pollutants into the projection such as falling cars, plastic bottles, and pollution-spewing factories as the hydrangea world turned frightening and dark.

Parsons: Griffin Keller, Chris Stuart, Kristiana Marcon
LCCS: Matthew Diaz, Xavier Cherry, Anjilena Osoneneko, Esme Carson, Gabby Cabarcos, Milo Ferrara, Sophia Villaluz


A Cardboard 360 experience shot on the Samsung Gear VR. The group collaborated on acting, costumes, and shooting this super-hero story. John the Vegan cannot eat anything but vegetables. Beef has too many antibiotics, and fish are full of mercury. He fights against the evil forces of Pollution’s Empire where Plasticomania is creating havoc with his side-kicks.

Parsons: Andres Domit Del Valle
LCCS: Xavier Flores, Aidan Harwood, Christian Montano, Jeet Lad, Veer Lad, Mohamed Timoney


A version of soccer that invites the players to kick a plastic or paper ball into the proper recycling bins. The end zones beyond the bins are the ocean, and the side lines are the storm drains. Every time a player kicks the ball into the ocean or the stormdrains, points are taken off often resulting in a negative score against Mother Nature.

Parsons: Joya Widney
LCCS: Luke Piscatelli, Jacob Acuna, Myra Vilomar, Sean Brandon, Necho Estiler, Mohamed Timoney, Ron Foushee, Annjonette Balbutin (AJ), Chance Bellardino, Mai Hill, Ranesha Fitzgerald, Beckett Johnson Walters


Parsons: Ivy Cheng

Short Documentary

Parsons: Mary Claire Grube