Last week’s trip to LCCS is really interesting and enlightening. It has been a time since my last time visit the school, so everything happening there become refreshing again to me. The teenagers there do seem like they have learnt more about their water system and thought more about their relation to water. Their ideas are really creative and related to their own life. I really want to work on these fascinating ideas, but still have not think a way to make them spend their short class on these project and feel more agency on these project.

Mary Claire

It was really great to work with the students this week. I was very blown away by how developed and possible some ideas were that the students came up with. After having missed class the week prior, it was nice to see our class was on the same wavelength (pun intended) in developing choose your own adventure games. I thought it was interesting that working with the students seemed to show the kids wanted even more interaction and active participation. One concept that I was particularly drawn to was the use of the dome as generating an environment that could be controlled by players to produce a happy and healthy environment or a toxic one. I’m excited this week to maybe take a few of the ideas this week and apply them to games that maybe are not as technological. I also love the idea put forth about a scavenger hunt. Maybe there is a way to develop that into an app or simply a game to be used at the day of the event.


“I wonder what happens when you don’t get a flu shot…” It’s not worth it guys, GET YOUR FLU SHOT!!! This week and the week before were prototype weeks for the scenario Griffin and I came up with (*insert images*). I want to continue making the story an interesting learning experience. I also spent some time in museums and observed how they convey complex information in simple ways (*insert images*).


I went into this week with my project with Chris. I think we were both pretty happy with it, but would be open to changing it. We presented it to the class, of Wayne the Wave, and of his family. His journey surrounds traveling from each family members home, trying to find a new place to live, and finding pollution in each. In the end, Wayne finds that working together with his family and with the community around him he can make a difference in solving pollution and plastic build up in the ocean. I was on Zoom for the LCCS meet up, but unfortunately had mechanical difficulties logging into the group. I look forward to hearing updates from the rest of the class.  


The most important take-away for me was how students responded to the questions that Stephanie asked. Prompting them (in the After School Group) to tell stories created a situation where many students could not think past the tropes of Sponge Bob and Mario when asked for a character. Staying original and imaginative is most difficult but we did come up with some great initial ideas.