I wasn’t able to come to class this week, but Mary Claire filled me in to what we talked about (thank you!). If I were to define teaching in my own words, I would define it as something which is both directing and learning. I believe that a correct way of teaching incorporates the knowledge you, as a teacher already have and allow someone else to see, as well as learning from that person and experience. Teaching allows for your knowledge to remain malleable, and constantly renovated. I have a few experiences where I have found this to be especially true. Working in a classroom, I have learned that you must always be listening and aware of how a lesson is going. Not everything goes to plan, ever, and I’ve had to learn to adapt to situations, change my approach and listen to why a certain lesson may not be sticking. To teach about water though, I think I would have the students list as many forms of water they can think of, and then compare class answers. Although many may have things such as ‘rain’ or ‘a shower’ some may have things like a puddle, or boiling water to make tea, or water that is dripping off of a dogs mouth. I think it would be a creative and fun way to expand our knowledge about water, and how important it is in our everyday lives.