My time was mostly spent running to LCCS and helping Stephanie and Mike manage the 21st Century (in day school) and After School classes. We noted that the 21st Century class is not motivated to make digital games. We also noted that LCCS could be a great site for activation of a controlled group. If we were able to spend this next month collecting and recycling the trash at LCCS, we might notice people’s addiction to plastic containers, plastic spoons and forks. We could present these findings at Earth Day (it’s an idea that would fit well with Angela’s skill as an Anthropologist! And Mary Claire’s budding skills as a videographer). I am also very aware that we need to form teams and that this has been difficult in light of the asymmetrical ideation for projects. When Stephanie and I asked the day school kids what they wanted to commit to for their earth day project, they all voted for Trash Soccer. However, when I asked them what the rules of such a game would be and where we could get a ball made of trash that wouldn’t fall apart on the field, they were a bit stymied.  Mr. Diamond suggested starting with a container in which we could compact trash. I asked them to be creative about the trash soccer game rules. Why play it by the same rules we already know? We could have three or four goals? We could make it about who brings in the biggest and most creative ball of trash from one easily recyclable source(would have to be a school competition).

The other projects that got a few hands in the day school were the under-water city and the hydrangea project. The under-water city could be something that Stephanie might tackle with her A-frame VR (Google Cardboard) group.

The After School kids were interested in a wider range of projects. Stephanie is putting notes together of who is who on each themed team. Projects such as Wayne the Wave, and Hydrangea were well-liked. Just so that you all know, we envision the Hydrangea project as a 360 dome projection where the interaction comes from an I-pad (or physical computing controller) and the slider can take you through a time-line to see a beautiful forest of hydrangeas change into a dark and dim landscape of rotting plants. This is a very sketchy idea right now and I asked Esmee and Angelina to storyboard it. We don’t have Parsons involved with this project yet. We need some expertise about dome projection (Kristina/Ivey?) In the After School class,  a project by Xavier called John the Vegan (a zombie apocalypse kind of narrative) can be played in the meadow or Xavier was dreaming of making it a video game. (Parsons students?)