Class this week was interesting. We went over what progress we have had on our prototypes. Chris and I agreed that we wanted to do some type of physical game for either Wayne the Wave or whatever idea Wayne turns into with collaborations with LCCS. We then spoke with the woman from the BayKeepers (I apologize I forgot her name). She was extremely informative about the BayKeepers motivations and three pronged approach to cleaning the Hudson. We individually spoke to her about our projects. She liked Chris’s idea about Wayne the wave, approaching pollution from the water’s point of view, as well as personifying water. She did give us feedback on making a more concrete game, and the idea of using twister as a game. I think once we meet next week and really solidify on our group ideas, I would love to create a physical game for Earth Day. I think a game that the kids can play would not only be educational, but healthy and add a great break from other activities that may be very educational and overload their brains/attention spans. Mary Claire, Christiana and I spoke briefly about organizing the event, and how that would go about. We talked about how to make sure that the kids do not become over academically stimulated, and that the come away with an actual educational moment from Earth Day. After, Tammy asked us to narrow down our thesis for each project. This was difficult to do because of how broad some of our topics are, and what motives we have behind them. I also left class a bit discouraged, I wanted to stay longer for the LCCS conference call, but had to get to class. I also was left a bit confused about what collaboration we need to do in order to mold our own projects with the LCCS students. I feel a bit like there is a disconnect between what both classes are doing, our time frames, and how much work we actually need to get done in a relatively short amount of time.