These notes are being written several days after we went to LCCS. I can only speak from my own point of view as faculty in the class. One thing that I discovered is that no one in the class reads these Canvas Notes. There is so much information coming at students that they have no time to read anything that comes from school. Many students also work so their attention is very split and they are not able to process much beyond the virtual connections that are absolutely critical in their daily lives. It helps for me to write this into notes so that I can remember that probably the most successful way for students to participate outside of class is to set aside communication time in class. Observations should probably be written IN CLASS.

We started the class in New York out with a brief introduction to post project images on the blog. I think that the blog is not easy to navigate yet and we should probably be dividing the posts into projects by week. This would make the final archiving of the project more manageable. We took the journey from Parsons to LCCS which is always a long adventure. We had a lot of equipment and props with us so we jammed it into a taxi and the others walked the mile to the school. We have been doing this all semester and sometimes I wish that we could just have the middle school attend Parsons. That would be so much easier!

When we got to our LCCS classroom, we divided everyone up in the day school.  Two of the students Matt and Xavier went with Kristiana and Griffin to set up the Hydrangea projection and the rest stayed in class to figure out Trash Soccer. I had an idea about this game that may bring home the message that we are conveying to our public participants. I thought that it might be good to designate the out of bounds sides as the Storm Drain and the area beyond the goal, the Ocean. I wrote up my ideas for the game and shared it with the people who are going to be doing Trash Soccer on Earth Day.

I also spent quite a bit of time following Andres around. You can see my videos in the March 27th video folder. I think that we need to curtail and cut the action quite a bit and perhaps also have a play going on that kids can be in after they have seen the video. The performances should be limited to 15 minutes.

Griffin and Kristiana created a hydrangea forest and we will see how far we can drive it over the next two weeks as LCCS takes another holiday this coming week.