I have missed the class at the beginning a little bit this time, so I didn’t get to know much about the blog posting process, still a little confused about that; but I will ask and learn about it more next week.

After that,  most of the class showed their process of projects to us, that was really interesting although many of them are still the very first version. I’ve seen Andrew’s play costume, which maybe shows his main focus will be about plastics. I’ve also have a glance of  Griffin’s work on our hydrangea project, which is aesthetic. I have checked out the documentation in the google shared folder, I think both of them worked out great as first prototype. Kristina has also prepared a lot to show in the LCCS, however, because I have an important presentation in my next class, I could not go to LCCS to see and participate in that this week, and could not get a clear idea about how that only through the documentation.

For myself, I will keep working on the controller and hopefully will get it done by monday, I still want to keep it as physical as possible. I have also received an email from Anezka and Tammy about design logos for the projects, I think I can work well with that, just need to hear more about the other two projects.