In this week’s class I have become more clear about our projects and the purpose of our projects. We have a short but intensive online meeting with Stephanie from baykeeper, we get to know more about their previous projects and become more clear about which part of the polluting progress she and her organization is more focused to. Which is the stop using and throwing plastic products part, instead of the collecting and recycle plastic part. This is very different from what I have thought before. And I think our projects should slightly lean on this point.

Also, according to Anezka’s observation in LCCS, the children there are really interested in the trash soccer idea. Which is also my interest, so I think I’m going to pay more attention on this project, and also communicate with the children in LCCS and see what we can do to refine the rules and the materials will be used in this project. Btw, I do have played with MadMapper for a couple of times, so I think I might be able to help operate the projectors.